What is Heart Centered Therapy (HCT)?

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is a loving approach to spiritual-emotional healing that entrusts the voice of the heart to guide a person to wholeness. It is a gentle process. Robin guides you through a series of questions to help you identify turning points in your life that are still affecting your life today. These issues are explored and healed at the core. Personal issues and conflict come to resolution through love, acceptance, and transformation of the whole being.


  • Increased ability to change your life self-directly
  • Increased knowledge of self
  • Much less difference between the real self and the ideal self of the client
  • Increase in happiness and welfare
  • More supportive partnerships and more satisfying
  • Reduce negative emotions in general
  • More calm/decrease in general anxiety
  • Enhanced mood/ markedly fewer or no depression symptoms
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Enhanced ability to openly and authentically express oneself
  • Greater readiness for new experiences
  • Enhanced stress management ability
  • Healthier and more equilibrated world views
  • Greater transparency for new concepts
  • Reduction of maladjustment
  • A greater sense of self-confidence
  • Removal of remorse or shame because of mistakes in the past


Most people after a session feel a sense of lightness or freedom. Knowing that an old patter or disturbance has been transcended.

Most people have reported it being soothing and relaxing. Pain and symptoms alleviating during the session.  Various but pleasant sensations have also been felt throughout the entire body. Processing afterwards can sometimes leave the body with soreness that resolves quickly.