Pain Free and Rejuvenated At Last

I cannot say enough about how well my experience went at Therapeutic Healing. Kelly is very professional and knowledgeable in what she does. When I came to her office, she was very welcoming and made it a point to make sure I was comfortable and understood what she would be doing before beginning. She took the time to really understand what my needs were so that she can ensure that I wouldn’t leave with any pain that I came in with, and she did just that! I went to Kelly because I was experiencing a lot of back pain and she went above and beyond to not only relieve the pain in my back, but she made sure that she found the source of where my back pain was coming from and really took the time to relieve the stress in that area, so that it wouldn’t cause pain anymore. I would absolutely recommend Kelly to anyone who is experiencing any pain or is just experiencing a lot of stress because she is really knowledgeable at what she does and makes sure that you leave feeling pain free and rejuvenated!

Written by Kellymsotr