Amazing service, highest recommendation!

Kelly is amazing! I would give her my highest recommendation for anyone experiencing muscle pain, especially neck/back/shoulder pain, although she helps with all kinds of pain. I am an incredibly harsh critic for all kinds of medical professionals and never give reviews as I prefer to follow the golden rule and not say anything if I have nothing nice to say, but I cannot possibly say enough positive, kind, and amazing things about Kelly. (I know I used amazing twice, but she truly is! If you are in pain, you should go see her and see for yourself!) She is also just a genuine, warm, incredibly kind person. Just walking into her office and seeing her makes me feel better! (And that’s saying a lot from me.) As an occupational therapist, Kelly does more than just treat your pain physically. She also talks to you and tries to get to the root of the problem (physically, emotionally, etc.) as those of you with chronic pain probably know, there is usually one or more psychological or emotional or other issue making your pain worse. She is incredibly easy to talk to you, very trustworthy, and very creative when it comes to potential solutions. She also doesn’t try to shame you into making big life changes you may not be ready for (as many medical professionals try to do, in my experience), she just gives you a slight nudge occasionally while giving reasons why they would make your life better in so many ways. As an incredibly logical and stubborn person, these repeated nudges worked on me. First I started drinking water (yes, as in none before, I think it tastes disgusting), and then I quit drinking Pepsi. I went from drinking 2-3 liters a day to none in a month. Kelly was so proud of me and now she’s working on changing other aspects of my diet. And trying to get me to do a little exercise every day and a few minor exercises/stretches she gave me. With intense chronic pain in my whole body and a vicious migraine every day, it is slow going, but I cannot possibly overstate how much Kelly has helped me!!!

Written by Kellymsotr